Role Model or Polluter?

See which of your favorite outdoor brands are getting rid of hazardous chemicals.

Detox Champions

These brands have committed to Detox, showing that producing outdoor gear without PFCs is possible. Send a big Thank You to these Detox Champions!

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Falling Short

These brands are starting to accept that PFCs are a big problem. They have made promises to eliminate PFCs by 2020, but some brands are still hiding them in certain products - like membranes, backpacks and shoes - while others are not transparent enough about the elimination process.

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Out of the Race

These brands haven’t heard the concerns of outdoor lovers and scientists. They have just replaced one bad group of chemicals (long chain PFCs) with another (short chain PFCs) and have not set any timelines to get rid of these hazardous chemicals.

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Get Informed

What are PFC's

Chemical molecules released by industry during the production of water resistant outdoor gear like jackets or tents

How hazardous are they

Studies show that PFCs impact the reproductive and immune system. They are also potentially carcinogenic.

Pfc is everywhere

Once released into the environment, they are distributed globally in the atmosphere. They are highly persistent, which means they stay in the environment for a very long time.

Remote area expeditions

Eight Expeditions around the world to test for PFCs

Product testing voting results

Thanks to your participation, we ranked the most wanted brands to discover how much PFCs are inside.

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